Mr I Deans Myrtle Cottage, Upper Froyle, Alton, GU34 4LB (520502) Vice Chairman  
Mr K Anfield 2 Bamber Lane, Lower Froyle, Alton, GU34 4JG (07919365803)  
Mr G Heyhurst 3 Fiennes Lane, Upper Froyle, GU34 4FA  
Mr I Macnabb Copse Hill Farm, Lower Froyle, GU34 4LW, (23195)  
Dr A Roberts Froyle Cottage, Upper Froyle, GU34 4JX  
Mrs J Southern Aldersey House, Lower Froyle, GU34 4LL, (520620) Chairman  
Mr N Whines Day Cottage, Lower Froyle, GU34 4LL, (23130)  
Areas of Responsibility
Archivists Mr & Mrs CJ Booth
Hampshire Association of Parish Councils Vacant
Budget Mr I Macnabb
Churchyard Maintenance Mr M Wells
Flag/Flagpole Mr Collingborn
Independent Auditor Mr P Elliot
Lengthsman Mr I Deans
Maintenance Volunteers Mr M Wells
Open Spaces Vacant
Planning Mr I Deans/Mr N Whines as Planning Committee
Publicity Mr M Wells
Recycling Area Froyle Village Hall Management Committee
Roads & Transportation Mr I Deans
Tree Warden Planning Committee
Victim Support Mrs J Wallis
Village Hall Representative Mr N Whines
Village Magazine Mr I Macnabb
Scheduled Parish Council Meetings 2017
13th March (Monday) 2017

Annual Parish Meeting - 26th April 2017 (Wednesday)
The notice and agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting will be posted

on the notice boards at least seven days before the meeting

Parish Council AGM - 8th May (Monday) - Election of Chairman etc
Extraordinary meetings of the Parish Council are arranged as required
Notices and agendas for the above meetings will be posted
on the notice boards at least three days before the meetings
Parish Clerk Philippa Cullen Stephenson
  Crabtree Gate, Well Lane, Lower Froyle Tel:01420 520102
Welcome to Froyle Parish Council’s website.
  • Here you can find out who your councillors are, their special responsibilities, and dates for forthcoming meetings.
  • Previous Minutes can be viewed as well as Agendas for forthcoming Meetings
  • You can contact the Parish Clerk by email from the Contacts page.
  • There is also the opportunity to read the story of the first 100 Years of Froyle Parish Council.
Tuesday 23rd January
at 7.45pm
in Froyle Village Hall
The public and press are cordially invited to be present

Full agenda can be read here and on all the village noticeboards
You are invited to take part in the


to be held in Froyle Village Hall

on Wednesday 26th April 2017 at 8.15 pm

Chairman: Mrs J.Southern (Chairman of the Parish Council)

The Parish Meeting may by law discuss all parish affairs and pass resolutions about them.

1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of the Parish Meeting held on 20th April 2016
3. Matters Arising
4. Reports from Village Groups and Associations etc
6. Report from County Councillor
7. Report from District Councillor
8. The Chairman's Report
9. Any other matters raised by Electors

P. Cullen Stephenson,
Clerk, Froyle Parish Council,
17th April 2017

This meeting is preceded by the
Annual General Meeting
of the Froyle Village Hall Committee
in Froyle Village Hall
on Wednesday 26th April 2016 at 7.30 pm
to which ALL ELECTORS of FROYLE are also invited.
14 February 2018
Froyle flag flying POLICY STATEMENT
The flagpole at the Sports Pavilion is the property of Froyle Parish Council.
Flags may only be flown from it in accordance with this policy or
with written consent from the Chairman of the Parish Council
Flags may be flown from the Council’s flagpole on the following dates
06-Feb Her Majesty's Accession 
19-Feb Birthday of the Duke of York
01-Mar St David’s Day (see note 1)
10-Mar Birthday of The Earl of Wessex
12-Mar Commonwealth Day (second Monday in March)
17-Mar St. Patrick's Day (see note 5) 
21-Apr Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen
23-Apr St George’s Day (see note 1)
09-May Europe Day (see note 4)
02-Jun Coronation Day 
10-Jun Birthday of The Duke of Edinburgh
16-Jun Official Celebration of Her Majesty’s Birthday
17-Jul Birthday of The Duchess of Cornwall
15-Aug Birthday of The Princess Royal
11-Nov Remembrance Day (second Sunday, see note 2 )
11-Nov Armistice Day.  Full mast.  All day
14-Nov Birthday of The Prince of Wales
20-Nov Her Majesty’s Wedding Day
30-Nov St Andrew’s Day (see note 1)
Also The day of the opening of a Session of the Houses of Parliament by Her Majesty (see note 3 )
  The day of the prorogation of a Session of the Houses of Parliament by Her Majesty (see note 3 )
1 Where a building has two or more flagstaffs the appropriate National flag may be flown in addition to the Union flag but not in a superior position
2 Flags should be flown at full mast all day
3 Flags should be flown on this day even if Her Majesty does not perform the ceremony in person.
4 The Union flag should fly alongside the European flag. On Government buildings that only have one flagpole, the Union flag should take precedence
5 The Union flag only should be flown.

In addition to the above dates flags may be flown on the following local days:
The day of the Froyle Fête and Flower Show
The Gardens’ Open Day
The Froyle Reunion Day
And on any other days agreed by the Council.

Flags may only be flown at half mast
a) from the announcement of the death of The Sovereign, except on Proclamation Day, when they are flown at full mast from 11am to sunset;
b) on the funeral of members of the Royal Family, subject to special commands from Her Majesty in each case;
c) on the funerals of Prime Ministers and ex-Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, subject to special commands from Her Majesty in each case;
The Department for Culture, Media and Sport will provide information of any other occasions where Her Majesty has given a special command.
Where the death of a member of the Royal Family, Prime Minister or ex Prime Minister coincides with a flag day then the flag shall be flown at full mast unless instructions to the contrary are given by the DCMS.
In cases of doubt the matter should be referred to the Chairman or Deputy Chair of the Council before the flags are flown.
A Council flag master will carry out this policy.
August 2007